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  • Garth Rine

    I know the feeling all too well. Except, it’s when I change my jacket that people don’t recognize me. Which makes zero sense, considering jackets have nothing to do with my appearance. :/

    • Nika

      Well when I first meet people, clothing does play a huge part in how I remember them later! Especially if there’s a lot of one color, or an eye-catching pattern…

  • Nora

    The Clark Kent effect is strong with this one

    • Nika

      HAHAH omg yes…

  • Liv

    The whole comic is amazing, but the last few pages have each had me cracking up!! Love this comic, already missing it <3

    • Nika

      Aww, thank you! It’s been fun getting a little silly with this part of the story xDD Thanks as always for reading <3