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  • Cosmic Wolf

    GUSH this page is BREATHTAKING (p.s I’ve fallen real hard for nick)

  • Leanna

    Gahhh I still love this pose! It’s so great!!

  • Nora

    Whoa this is a GREAT page!

    • Nika

      Thank you! xD

  • He’s overthinking it. He needs time to process it later and among people who want to sway him.

    • Nika

      Yep, he’s in a bit of a high-pressure environment right now!

  • mjkj

    Go, Nick, and imagine Sara with you there…

  • Zensunni

    Nick… it is best to concentrate on the performance when on stage, not on how much you disappointed the girl you love… That tends to cause issues…

    • Nika

      Oh no! Sorry if this page was confusing… This is Ross talking about a future that hasn’t happened yet xD

      • Zensunni

        Ah… I see…