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  • Warren Henderson

    I know that Nick our story’s hero but I am not getting the sense he will be the one calling. Ross gave the tickets to Sarah and thinking back I don’t think Nick even mentioned an invite (could be wrong). I guess my suspicious little mind thinks Nick doesn’t know about it, I also think Ross is A) Matchmaking and B) going to make an epic effort to get Sarah there. While wallowing in fan fantasy I also am imagining the TV lady thing has a rat in her toilet in the middle of the night ’cause she just sucks.

    • Nika

      Ohh my goshhh I don’t want to give anything away, but this theory made me grin xDD Nick did ask Ross to give Sara the tickets (off-screen), but Ross of course has her own opinions… (And yeah, a rat in the toilet would serve Kathy right!)

      • Warren Henderson

        My day has gone from good to great knowing I made the author smile. Thank you for your story and art when story appropriate I always smile reading this.

        • Nika

          A little bit late, but aww thank you!! :D

  • rfaramir

    Low battery when *starting* a flight? No-o-o-o-o-o! Always have a full charge (and extra battery) when you leave.

    • Nika

      Well I suppose we all have to learn the hard way at least once! xD (I definitely did…)

  • Garth Rine

    I have a gut feeling I know where this is going. Nick’s gonna try to call Sara, hoping she’ll change her mind. Problem is, the call won’t be able to come through because the phone will have already died. Thus, Sara goes on her flight and Nick has to do the concert by himself. This would provide an embarrassing moment for Nick and a guilty moment for Sara (After she finds out of course). Then everything gets awkward between the two of them as they become stuck in a rut of sorts. Ah, the drama. Well, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • mjkj

    Uh-oh… low battery…

    I wonder if Nick’s call will still be able to come through…

    • Nika

      who knows?? ;-)